Namkaran Invitation Card

Create Namkaran invitation card of baby boy or girl. Namkaran is also know by the names Naming ceremony, Barsa, Naamkaran Sanskar, Namakarana or Namakaranam

Naming your child is a very important occasion in the life of your baby, so it must be celebrated with grand celebrations. All the close relatives and friends should be invited to the ceremony.

To invite your friends and family to the ceremony we have designed beautiful Namkaran invitation templates. You can choose any template to create the e-invite.

Naming Ceremony Invitation Templates

How to create Namkaran Invitation

You can create Namkaran invitation by following the below steps:

  1. Choose your favorite template for Namkaran Invitation.
  2. Fill the details of Naming ceremony and complete payment for the invitation.
  3. Then we will create your beautiful invitation and send within 1 day.

Namkaran Invitation Templates

Below we have listed some of the beautiful namkaran invitation templates:

What is Namkaran Ceremony?

Namkaran, also known as Namakarana or Namakaranam, is a Hindu naming ceremony held for a newborn baby. The term “Namkaran” is derived from two Sanskrit words: “Nam,” meaning name, and “karan,” meaning to make or to create. This ceremony is an important cultural and religious event in Hindu traditions.

The Namkaran ceremony usually takes place on the 11th day after the baby’s birth, but the timing can vary based on regional and family customs. It is considered an auspicious occasion and is often performed in the presence of family members, friends, and religious elders. To invite your guests to the ceremony you can use our naming ceremony templates.

During the Naamkaran ceremony, the baby is given a name, and this process may involve specific rituals and prayers. The chosen name is often significant and may be derived from Hindu mythology, scriptures, or have a special meaning. Family members and friends often participate in the ceremony by suggesting names or offering blessings to the newborn.

In addition to naming the child, other customs and rituals can be performed, such as seeking the blessings of deities, performing a havan, and making offerings for the well-being and prosperity of the baby. The Namkaran ceremony is a joyous occasion for the family, marking the formal introduction of the baby into the community with an identity through its name.

Features of our Naming ceremony invitation card

Creating a good naming ceremony e-invitation card involves including all the important information, maintaining a visually appealing design, and ensuring clarity. We have listed some of the features of our naming ceremony invitation :

Enter all necessary details of Naamkaran

Our Naamkaran templates have suffcient space to include all the important information related to ceremony. You can include Baby name, baby photo, date, time, venue etc.

Beautiful Design

We have designed beautiful templates for Naamkaran ceremony. You can choose a visually pleasing design that reflects the theme or cultural background of the ceremony. The colors and fonts are chosen that are easy to read and complement each other.

Include Baby’s Photo

Consider including a cute photo of the baby on the invitation. This adds a personal touch and allows guests to see the little one they are celebrating. We have included few templates in which you can include the photo of your baby girl or baby boy.

Map or Location Details:

We also have the option to include clickable Google Map link in the PDF format of the invite. You can submit the google map location of the venue and when your guest clicks on the link then the exact location of the Namkaran sanskar will be opened in the google map.

Accessible across all Devices

Our e-invitation format is easily accessible on various devices and platforms. You can easily open the PDF and image of the Namkaran invitation with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Multiple Language Support

The Naming ceremony invitation can be created in any language of your choice. You just have to enter the details in the required language and we will create the invite in that language only.

You can create the Naming ceremony invitation in following languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali etc.

What should be included in Namkaran Invitation

When creating a Namkaran invitation, it’s essential to include all the necessary details to ensure that your guests are well-informed about the event. Here is a list of information that you should consider including in a Namkaran invitation:

  • Baby’s Name: The name of the baby is optional. If you are planning to disclose the name of baby during the ceremony then you can avoid mentioning the name in the invitation.
  • Date and Time: Specify the date and time of the Namkaran ceremony. Include both the date and day of the week for clarity.
  • Venue: Provide the complete address of the venue where the Namkaran ceremony will take place. If the ceremony is at home, provide any relevant details for guests to locate the address easily. You can also include the Google Map location in the PDF format of the card.
  • Invitation Wording: Craft a warm and inviting message to convey your joy and to invite guests to celebrate the naming ceremony. This can be a brief note expressing your happiness and gratitude. You can submit your own wording or use the wordings given in our Namkaran templates. We have also compiled a list of beautifully crafted wordings that can be used in invites – Namkaran invitation wordings.
  • Details of Rituals or Customs: If there are specific rituals or customs associated with the Namkaran ceremony, briefly mention them on the invitation. This can help guests understand the significance of the event.
  • Meals or additional celebration details: You can include information regarding meals during the event such as Dinner, breakfast or lunch details.
  • Contact Information for Inquiries: Provide contact information for any inquiries or clarifications related to the Namkaran ceremony.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can create Namkaran Invitation?

Namkaran invitation can be created by any family member of the child. It can be created by parents, grand parents, siblings, cousins etc.

What is the format of Namkaran invitation?

We will send the namkaran invitation in PDF and image format. You can get it printed also at your nearest printing service.

How much time it takes to create Namkaran ceremony invitation card?

After you have ordered the namkaran invitation, we will send you a beautiful invitation within 1 day.

Can I add picture of baby in the invitation?

Sure, you can send us the picture of baby. We can include the baby photo in any of our namkaran invitation templates.

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